Calming Products

Your pet may be confronted with stressful situations such as transportation, a move, a new environment, an event, … The ALZOO™ product line, thanks to its plant-based active ingredients, can help your pet fight against stress.

Calm your furry friend with Plant-Base Calming Solutions

Certain situations can cause stress and anxiety, and lead to problems for dogs and cats. This can create unwanted behavior such as constant meowing or excessive barking, scratching, licking, being aggressive, hiding, …

The use of calming products can be a remedy for the safety of pets, when used as directed.

Discover the different ALZOO™ pet care products to calm your pet: collar, spray, diffuser,…


One of the main sources of stress for dogs is feeling abandoned by their family. Cats are more independent than dogs and are considered to be loners. Cats like spending time away from people and do not get lonely, whereas a dog would.

This means that situations where the companion dog is left home alone are particularly stressful, especially since the dog has only a rough idea of the time that passes. Five minutes can seem like an eternity. This absence creates separation-axiety.

Anything that affects the family is a potential source of stress. Dogs feel the irritation of their owners and the tensions that may exist between family members and may suffer from it.

Dogs can also be affected if they feel left out of the group, for example when a newborn or a new puppy comes home for the first time, it is very important for the dogs to feel bond and feel included and loved whom they in the long run, the dog will most likely watch over the newborn or puppy as their bodyguard.

If you are adopting a new puppy or dog, calming products can help when they come home for the first times and get settled into their new environment. Leaving the kennel and arriving in a new house can very scary the puppy or dog.

For dogs that are hypersensitive to noise, thunderstorms, fireworks, or other noisy events are a source of significant stress.The same is true for dogs that are particularly fearful of unfamiliar people or objects.

Their anxiety can also be linked to a specific disturbing situations like grooming, car trips, crate training, vet visits, boarding, and traveling.

Dogs express their stress in many different ways :

  • Through their voice: Dogs bark or howl for hours. This can cause huge problems in the neighborhood, making the dog an undeniable source of nuisance.
  • By the teeth: Dogs destroy everything that passes under the tooth: furniture, doors, trinkets, shoes…
  • Cleanliness: Dogs leave stools and urine puddles throughout the house, leaving uncomfortable stains and odors.
  • Knock: Dogs develop licking or biting behaviors, even self-mutilation. This is comparable to the humans who bite their nails.

More importantly, the more stressed out the dog is may cause it to stay still, or contrary swing back and forth
ALZOO® offers dog calming solutions to help your pet relax in these type of situations. You can find our calming solutions products in online or in pet retail stores.

Cats are solitary hunters. A lot of people misinterpret that to mean they are asocial. That’s not really what it means. Cats like their peace and quiet and routine. However, sudden changes in their environment and daily life can be a source of stress and makes them anxious.

Rather than them being a homebody and in solitary, the cat will easily be stressed by any change in their daily habitat. For example, a move, a depart on vacation, make a move in a cages, visiting the veterinarian can be a trial for cats.

The arrival of a new kitten or a new baby coming home for the first time can also upset the cat, making them agressive and stressed. The cat’s personality and behavior will make the difference because it will react instanly to what is going around in their sourrounding.

Depending on your cat’s personality, stress can manifest itself in different ways, depending on whether they’re shy and don’t move, or if the cat is more expressive and a wreak havoc.

There are signs that don’t deceive. Various attitudes of discomfort may appear:

  • Anything can happen under their claws for no particular reason,
  • It can disappear (certainly under your bedding) indefinitely,
  • Their meows become your favorite music,
  • Their excrements spread everywhere except in their litter box,
  • Make urine marking,
  • Excessive licking and self-mutilation mark their days,
  • It still,
  • They show aggression (against humans or other animals),
  • They lose their appetite or on the contrary increase appetite, …But beware, all these symptoms can also appear in case of illness. It is thus necessary to rule out any health problem and to take your cat to the vet before anything else. Only they can detect a medical problem.

ALZOO® calming solutions for cats can be a valuable relaxation and stress free aid for your cat. All of our products have active ingredients that are formulated with soothing plant-based extracts, to help to calm your pet.

ALZOO® calming collar fits all dogs : puppies- small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs.

Based on Valerian and Lavander oil, this product provides a calming environment for your dog.

This pet collars is waterproof, so there is no need to remove it during grooming. It is equipped with a buckle that allows you to adapt it to the neck of your pet. The buckle collar is equipped with an anti-choke system, preventing your pet from getting stuck.

This collar for dogs has a perfect size to attach the Id tag.
For sizing, do not tighten: you must be able to easily fit two fingers between the collar and the animal’s neck.

Once fixed on the neck of your doggie’s neck, it diffuses natural extracts of lavender and valerian known for their calming properties in dogs.
After 4 weeks of use or as soon as the animal shows signs of stress again, replace the dog collar with a new one.

The ALZOO® calming collar for dogs is a practical solution to calm your dog. There are other products that can help you such as the calming spray for dogs or the calming diffuser for dogs.
If anxiety signs persist after using a calming product, do not hesitate to consult your vet.

Thanks to its adjustable attaching system, our calming collar fits kitten and adult cats.

Our calming cat collar is made with a plant-base extract of Nepeta Cataria. Our calming collar for cats will calm and reassure your cat anytime, anywhere. It is an invisible vapor diffused in the air that mimics the natural pheromones emitted by cats. This cat product works as a diffuser.

Once smelled, the cats will have some strange behaviors for about 10 minutes : rub their head and body against the ground, jumping and rolling. After this, the cat enters a state of euphoria that manifests itself as to be playful or sweet. The cat’s olfactory receptors pick up the scent of this pheromone and create a natural stimulation of the sensory neurons, thus providing anxiety relief.

Catnip is the best natural pheromone to help your cats during the days. Your pet considers a safe area when wearing the ALZOO® calming collar for cats and generates a good-behavior.

Waterproof, they can keep the collar on all day and all night, and it’s perfect for outdoor and indoor cats. It is equiped by a safety break away system and it has the ideal size to attach the ID tags.

ALZOO® offers other anti-stress solution for your lovely cat. The calming spray for cats can be used on the crate or the scratchers. The calming diffuser for cats is the perfect solution to create a comfortable environment (and it is rechargeable!).
If anxiety signs persist after using a calming product, we recommend making an appointment with vet.