ALZOO™ parent company, AB7 America, Inc. is now a Certified B Corporation™

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What is B Corp™ Certification?

Certified B Corporations™, or B Corps, are responsible companies verified by B Lab™ to meet high standards of environmental and social performance, transparency, and accountability. B Corps are businesses that are committed to using their profitability and resources to make a positive impact on society and the environment.

The “B” in B Corp™ means Benefit for All.

Now ALZOO’s parent company, AB7 America, Inc. is certified, we join a global community of responsible businesses that are using their power to make a positive difference in the world. B Corp Certification™ is not just a one-time achievement, but a continuous improvement commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.


Becoming a Certified B Corp™

To be certified as a B Corp™, ALZOO™’s parent company, AB7 America, Inc. had to undergo a rigorous B Impact Assessment™ that evaluates our impact on the environment, our workers, customers, and community. The assessment consisted of 200-plus questions and companies must reach a minimum of 80 points at the end of the audit. Bridging the gap between 50 and 80 points is a challenge and requires a full organization commitment. This assessment covers areas such as:

  • Integrating ethics, responsibility, and transparency into the company’s social mission and vision, values, and statutes.
  • Providing excellent employee working conditions including compensation, social benefits, continuing education, health, safety and more.
  • Incorporating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Supply-Chain Management policies that advocate for and improve the social well-being of the communities in which they operate.
  • Improving the environment as a sustainable and regenerative economy (reduction of the Carbon footprint, impact on air, climate, water, land and biodiversity).
  • Benefiting customers with products and services that support the common good.

AB7 is proud to have achieved an overall score of 80.4 after being audited, and will continue to work towards improving this score for future recertification.

What B Corp™ Certification means to ALZOO®?

This certification is a significant achievement and highlights our commitment to doing business in a responsible, sustainable, and socially conscious way.

B Corp™ Certification is more than just a label on our and ALZOO™ products – it is an affirmation that our company is focused on more than just profits. By meeting high standards of environmental and social performance, accountability, and transparency set by B Labs, AB7 America and ALZOO™ prove that our business is dedicated to creating positive social and environmental impacts.

“Earning our B Corp™ Certification is another step in our ethical operations framework that puts pets over profits with a focused commitment to our community, environment, employees, and customers. Before the certification process, we held ourselves accountable with the highest standards as a Benefit Corporation. Now, we drive that accountability even further with public assessments of our business,” 

Philippe Chelle, CEO AB7 America, Inc.

Alzoo team

What were the most relevant actions taken to achieve the B Corp™ Certification?

AB7 America and ALZOO implemented a large number of actions that have allowed us to obtain B Corp™ Certification, the most significant being:

Shampooo kit alzoo

Researching and developing sustainable and concentrated products that eliminate single-use plastics and the shipment of water, which contribute to the Carbon-footprint reduction related to the transportation of finished products.

Reducing environmental impacts related to the generation of waste by developing production processes that include the use of recycled materials, internal recycling programs, controlling the final disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste by using certified waste management, and more.

Prioritizing and selecting suppliers (whenever possible), that are willing to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct, to ensure they meet our basic expectations for doing business related to legal requirements, ethical practices, human rights, and environmental/biodiversity management; those suppliers being majority-owned by women or individuals from underrepresented groups, companies located in low-income or underserved communities and that give employment opportunities to chronically underemployed populations.

FSC Seagreen CCS

Implementing a purchasing policy that gives priority to the use of ingredients certified by external entities related to positive environmental and social performance such as Organic, Non-GMO, FSC paper, 1% for the Planet, B Corp, ISO, etc.

Supporting local community ownership, jobs, and investment by promoting purchasing from producers in close proximity to the Corporation’s facilities, also reducing CO2 emissions linked to transportation from out of State locations.

Transferring most of our production processes from our overseas parent company to AB7 America’s facilities in Sunrise, FL, resulting in major capital investments in equipment, thus reducing the Carbon-footprint related to the transportation of finished products from France to the US.

Low energy manufacturing equipment selection and facility improvements such as LED light installation across the facilities, low water flow faucets, UV screens on windows, insulation of warehouses and manufacturing area, auto light switch installation, to comply with our “Building Efficiency” procedure.

Establishing a mutually beneficial Agreement with the non-profit organization Arc Broward, which facilitates the training and employment of people with disabilities, thereby becoming an approved training site for personnel with disabilities under a renewable contract, employing some of the graduates of the program in our facilities, and providing the program participants with opportunities for employment and independence that is often denied to people in their position.

Encouraging our employees to participate in social volunteering activities by providing paid time off for these activities.

Donating pet health care products to non-profit charitable organizations that distribute them to animals and shelters in need.

Providing and improving employee benefits: health insurance, life insurance, bereavement leave, newborn caregivers paid leave, retirement wellness programs, instituted profit-sharing bonus each year, and tax preparation services etc.

Other certifications and accreditations related to positive social and environmental performance in our ALZOO® products include: