Flea and Tick

Step into the world of ALZOO™, where our line of flea and tick repellent products ensures your pet’s protection against these nuisances, allowing them to roam carefree and healthy.

ALZOO™ offers solutions against fleas and ticks

To guarantee the comfort and health of your favorite pet, a constant fight against parasites is essential. Although external parasites are more frequent in spring and summer, it is very important to provide your pet with continuous protection. Once lodged in their fur, fleas and ticks cause real discomfort.

The hygiene in your home is also essential, where parasites live and lay their eggs. ALZOO™ has different alternatives to help you protect your dog and cat, such as plant-based repellent collar, squeeze-on, shampoos, sprays, etc… Discover all the products and choose the best solution for your furry pet to the tick and flea control!


You have noticed that your pet has a tick on it? Don’t wait and remove it immediately.
Be careful: you should not remove a tick anyway. In fact, it is important not to press on the abdomen of the tick when removing it. This increases the risk of infection for your dog or cat, if it is a carrier of a illness such as Lyme disease, or worst, Babesiosis caused by Babesia, a tick borne disease.

There are special tick removal tools for this purpose, such as the Exitick tick remover from ALZOO. The advantage of this tool is that it can catch the head of the tick as close as possible to the skin of your pet. In addition, the ALZOO tick remover is equipped with pliers adapted to the different sizes of ticks.

Using a slow but steady motion, remove the parasite by pulling perpendicular to your pet’s skin. When the tick is no longer on your pet, disinfect the skin with a suitable soap by rubbing well and rinse with water to promote proper healing.

Do not throw the tick in the garbage! It could go and harm another furry friend or family member. You can have them evaluated by your veterinarian to make sure the head has been removed and recommend testing if you are unsure.

If you prefer to just throw the tick away, be sure to flush it down the toilet or squash it with a tissue (be sure to wear gloves) before throwing it away.

To avoid finding ticks, consider using deworming products and don’t forget to check your pet’s fur after each walk. The CDC, Center for Disease Control, advice to verify in and around the ears, aroound the groin, the tail, the toes, the armpit … You can use a flea comb to be sure to not find any larvae, flea eggs or adults in same time.

As adults and children pet or hug their animal, insecticides are absorbed through the skin and can damage the nervous system. It is the same for pets.

Also, did you know that to get rid of ticks and fleas, with some antiparasitic products, your pet has to first be bitten? After feasting on your pet’s chemically treated blood, fleas and ticks die. ALZOO products repel parasites before your favorite pet is bitten, unlike other conventional flea and tick products. Laboratory tests show that the active repellant ingredients reduce both the incidence and severity of bites.

ALZOO has developed natural flea and tick repellent to take care for the health of people and animals.

Yes! We recommend it depending on the level of infestation.

You can start with the dog/cat collar or the dog/cat spot-on.

Choose the best flea and tick collar for dogs based on their size (small dog, medium dog, large dog). There is a one size fits all for the best flea and tick collar for cats and kitten.

If your furry friend spends time in your yard, we recommend adding a repellent product such as Flea and Tick Spray or Flea and Tick Shampoo. Grooming your lovely dog with the natural repellent shampoo for dogs is a good protection against external parasites

You can also add G+ Environment Powder to provide maximum protection for pets regularly exposed to potentially high tick and flea infestation environments. You would thus avoid the proliferation of flea eggs and watch them infest your home. It’s the best protection with natural flea and tick repellent for cats and dogs!

ALZOO remedies do not contain chemical pesticides, which can be dangerous to apply and harmful if overused. They repel fleas and ticks on dogs and cats with natural actives.

Collars and spot-ons are long-lasting diffusion devices.

The active ingredients diffuse into your pet’s coat without disturbing it.

ALZOO products contain natural active ingredients that repel insects as fleas, ticks, flies, lices and mosquitoes: peppermint oil and cedarwood oil, among others. By repelling them, you prevent them from proliferating on your pet but also in your home, because of the flea life cycle and other insects

We advise not to wait for the start of the flea and tick infestation season, and start protecting your dog and cat 30 days before spring. Also consider treating your home and garden with our specially designed sprays : Natural Flea & Tick Home Spray and Yard Spray. Pet bedding, cat litter and sofa are the perfect areas for flea proliferation and lay eggs.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to give your dog a bath with the special shampoo ALZOO in flea and tick prevention. For those who are reluctant to bathe (such as cats), use ALZOO Flea and Tick G+ Powder or ALZOO Flea and Tick spray. If your pet presents symptoms of babesiosis or lyme disease as fever, headache, tiredness, muscle and joint aches, and swollen lymph nodes, you can visit the vet.

It’s time to get rid of fleas and ticks ! Find a pet store or buy online.