Do you know the Incredible Story of Alzoo? A Tale of Passion, Innovation, and Endless Possibilities!

« Hello everyone, my name is Alzo, a proud German Shepherd. But more importantly, I am the heart and soul of the ALZOO™ brand, created by my loving family who gave me my name!

I was born into a family that loves animals. We had dogs, of course, but also chickens, ducks, guinea fowls, sheep, fish, and even a pony! We were like a big family, always together, eating, playing, and enjoying every moment. And me, Alzo, I loved playing football, tracking squirrels and rabbits, and I couldn’t help but sneak around the table during meals. I am a dog after all, I have my instincts! But I am also very affectionate and I love spending time with members of my family, especially when we shore delicious treats. 

That’s why when my family started creating a brand of animal care products, they decided to name it Alzoo, in my honor. They wanted to share their love for all animals (“All Zoo”) and their desire to give them high-quality products for their health and well-being. ALZOO™’s mission was to create a better life for all animals everywhere, just like I brought joy and happiness to my family. They believed that every animal deserved love, care, and attention, just as I had received from my loving family. From up above, I am happy to know that my family has created a company that helps animals live a healthier and happier life. »

Alzoo is more than just a brand – it reflects the love a family can give to their furry and feathered friends. Their dedication to providing natural and quality products is a testament to their deep passion for the health and well-being of their animals. And with every product, they honor the memory of our dear Alzo!