Plant-Based Calming Spray for Dogs

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ALZOO™ calming spray helps reduce unwanted stress-induced behavior in your dog!

  • No synthetic pheromones
  • Plant-based active ingredients
  • Great for fireworks, anxiety, and more
  • Lower stress that can result in excessive barking, destructive behavior and nervousness
  • Safe to use in the dog’s environment including onto the dog’s bed, crate, room or in the car
  • Recyclable FSC certified printed box
  • Cruelty Free

Valerian and Lavandin Plant-Based Extracts.

The ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Spray is a user friendly solution to calm your dog and to avoid separation anxiety which includes: travel, veterinary appointments, grooming, thunderstorms, popping noise or even conflict situations at home that can be painful for some dogs.

Designed for:

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1. Spray in the dog’s environment, including onto the dog’s bed, crate, room or in the car.
2. Do not spray directly onto the dog.
3. Best results when used 15-30 minutes prior to a stressful event.

Includes 1 spray 3.4 oz

How to Recycle:
Bottle is recyclable after removing label and sprayer
Sprayer is not recyclable

1 review for Plant-Based Calming Spray for Dogs

    13 July 2023
    The Alzoo Calming Spray arrived just in time for July 4th. The fireworks started the day before so it was a great opportunity to test it out. And it really helped. Gave me confidence to be out to watch the fireworks and to come home to a happy dog.
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