Plant-Based Calming Spray for Cats

ALZOO™ Calming Spray helps reduce unwanted stress-induced behavior in your cat!

  • No synthetic pheromones
  • Plant-based active ingredients
  • Great for anxiety, marking, and more
  • Lower stress that can result in excessive meowing, destructive behavior, marking and nervousness
  • Safe to use in the cat’s environment including on the cat’s bed, crate, room or in the car, when used as directed
  • Recyclable FSC certified printed box
  • Cruelty Free

Nepeta Cataria Plant-Based Extracts.

The ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Spray is a user friendly solution to calm your cat and to avoid undesirable behaviors which include: urine marking, scratching of furniture, aggression, loss of appetite, frequent meowing, and more.

Designed for:

Try our full line of calming solutions: ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Collar, and ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Diffuser.

1. Spray in the cat’s environment, including onto the dog’s bed, crate, room or in the car.
2. Do not spray directly onto the cat.
3. Best results when used 15-30 minutes prior to a stressful event.

Includes 1 spray 3.4 oz

How to Recycle:
Bottle is recyclable after removing label and sprayer
Sprayer is not recyclable


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ALZOO™ Plant-based Cat Calming Spray: a solution for feline stress and behavior issues

Help your cat find calm with the ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Spray. Is your feline friend struggling with stress, marking territory, or scratching furniture; feeling overwhelmed by your stressed cat’s behavior? You are not alone. Many cat parents face these challenges, and the ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Spray for cats offers a helpful solution. This spray uses plant-based ingredients, free of synthetic pheromones. This makes it a safe (when used as directed), and effective anti anxiety solution for cats of all ages and weights.

What are the signs of stress in cats?

There are many ways for your cat to behave when feeling anxious: everything may pass under its claws for no particular reason, it may disappear (probably under your bed) for an indefinite period of time, its meows become your favorite music (or not…), its droppings are spread everywhere except in its litter box, digestive problems may appear, hyperactive behavior, nervourness…

Uncleanliness, urine marking, excessive licking and self-mutilation, staying still or hiding (avoiding socialization), aggression (against humans or other animals), more frequent meowing, loss of appetite or increased appetite, constant vigilance… these are all signs to observe and detect.

But beware: all these symptoms can also appear in the case of illness. So it’s best to rule out any health problem and take your cat to the vet first. Only they will be able to detect a medical problem.

Whether shy or expressive, your cat is always on the move. You need to observe and react, not ignore their behavior and let the situation deteriorate.

ALZOO™ products, without synthetic pheromones, can be a great help. Thanks to their plant-based active ingredients, they help calm your furry companion.

Plant-based active ingredients of ALZOO™ Cat Calming Spray

The ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Spray harnesses the power of nature to promote relaxation in your cat. Here is a closer look at the key ingredients:

Nepeta Cataria Plant-Based Extracts

This Calming Spray for Cats features extracts from the Nepeta Cataria plant, commonly known as Catnip.  While not all cats react to Catnip, for those that do, it acts as a natural attractant and mood elevator, stimuling feelings of calmness and playfulness.

Additional Calming Botanicals

ALZOO™ also includes other natural calming ingredients in addition to Nepeta Cataria. These additional herbs can further contribute to your cat’s well-being and relaxation.

Looking for a natural way to help your cat manage stress without using anxiety medication, without synthetic pheromones? The easy-to-use ALZOO™ herbal Calming Spray for Cats is an alternative to calming solutions such as diffusers and collars. It can be used either as a standalone product or as a complement to other products.

Key Features plant based Calming Spray for Cats

The ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Spray offers a natural solution to promote relaxation and reduce stress in your cat. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Plant-based Ingredients: the ALZOO™ spray does not use synthetic pheromones, and is composed of plant-based ingredients for a safe and gentle calming effect, when used as directed.
  • Easy to Use: No diffusers required! Simply spray the calming mist in your cat’s environment for convenient stress relief.
  • Multi-Day Relief: The effects of the spray can last for several days, providing consistent support during stressful situations.
  • Reduces unwanted behaviors: Helps alleviate common anxiety-related issues like scratching, spraying, excessive meowing, and marking territory.
  • For all cats: Suitable for cats of all weights and ages

Ready to find the perfect calming solution for your cat to combat stress and anxiety? Find a store near you, or buy online.

Directions for use of ALZOO™ Plant-based Calming Spray for Cats

Helping your cat find calm is easy with the ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Spray. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Simply spray: Forget diffusers! This convenient spray lets you directly target your cat’s environment for quick and easy stress relief.
  2. Targeted application: For best results, spray the calming mist in zones your cat frequents, such as their bed, crate, scratching post, or favorite room. Best results when used 15-30 minutes prior to a stressful event.
  3. Multi-day relief: The effects of the spray can last for several days, so you don’t need to reapply constantly. However, for continuous calming support in particularly stressful situations, you can reapply as needed.
  4. Safe and Gentle: The natural ingredients are designed to work through scent, creating a soothing atmosphere for the cat. It is therefore safe when used according to the instructions.

Here are some additional tips for using the ALZOO™ Spray:

For travel: If you know your cat experiences anxiety during travel, plan to spray their carrier 15-30 minutes before departure.

Introducing new pets: Create a calming environment for a new pet introduction by spraying the spray in various areas beforehand.

Remember: Every cat is unique.  It may take some trial to find the perfect calming routine for yours.  Feel free to adjust the spray frequency or application zone based on your cat’s individual needs.

Ready to create a peaceful haven for your feline friend? Order your ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Spray for Cats today or find a pet store near to you for your cat’s harmony!
For a complete solution to severe anxiety, consider the complementary use of the ALZOO™ Calming Diffuser for Cats.

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