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AB7 : your partner for Product Development and Manufacturing

ALZOO® products are created by AB7 Group. The Group has a subsidiary in Florida and in south fo France, where is the research department, AB7 Santé.

AB7, a major actor in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, specializes in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products and generic drugs. AB7 is able to support its partners through its CMO (Contract Manufacturing Orgnization) and CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation) services.

Pharma business

To develop, manufacture and package innovative turnkey healthcare products for our partners, where technical and industrial know-how brings performance and value.

Strenghts of AB7

AB7 Santé is a French Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company that has been innovating for over 50 years in the field of Animal Health.

Fully integrated for better agility, AB7 is specialized in research, development, production, quality control, registration and commercialization of veterinary medicines, generics, OTC, biocides & pet care products for the global market.

Benefit from a complete expertise that does not only cover production but also the entire value chain: product strategy, research, new drug development, innovation, stability testing, industrial transfer and process development, product manufacturing, packaging, quality, logistics & supply chain, regulatory support and IP.

Much more than a generic drug laboratory, AB7 offers OTC lines and develops new drug products for you that meet the challenges of animal health and welfare.

In some figures :
– AB7 is partner of the Top 10 of the largest pharmaceutical companies.

– 70 M per-year manufacturing capacity for veterinary pipettes and collars

– 15 000m² of production area spread over its 2 sites

Pharmaceutical Research & Development therapeutic areas

Take advantage of AB7’s expertise in these various medicinal areas

  • Insecticide and repellent antiparasitics
  • Behavior, stress, anxiety
  • Animal pain
  • Hygiene
  • Food supplements
  • Disinfection
  • Dermocosmetics

Ask AB7, pharmaceutical manufacturing, to cover new needs

Our expertise, the multidisciplinarity of our teams and the diversity of our industrial park allow us to meet many needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a partner in new fields.

Pharmaceutical forms and routes of administration

We bring you our expertise in the development of new drugs on various and specific galenic forms.

  • Non-sterile liquid, solid and semi-solid forms: Solutions, syrups, suspensions, sprays, spot-ons, tablets, powders, granules, capsules, gels, creams, ointments…
  • Long-term release forms: Collar, fit-on, ear-tag, transdermal patch, medical devices and other long acting release systems.

Our various routes of administration: orally, cutaneous for local (topical) or extended (systemic) action, transdermal, ocular, auricular.

For other modes of administration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Target Species

The choice of dosage form depends on the animal species for which the drug is to be developed, the ease of administration, the physicochemical characteristics of the active ingredient, its stability in the dosage form.

New Companion Animals

Your turnkey CDMO support

To best support our partners, AB7 offers a complete manufacturing process:

Phase I: Discovery and development, formulation, investigational, characterization
Phase II: Analytical development
Phase III: Stability studies
Phase IV: Manufacturing operations & Packaging
Phase V: Quality control
Phase VI: Logistics & Supply chain
Phase VII : Regulatory affairs support, quality-assurance


AB7, your CDMO Partnering

As a CDMO Company, AB7 offers our partners pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical outsourcing activities from development to manufacturing by integrating an innovative, sustainable and responsible approach.  

AB7 has continually invested in R&D and manufacturing capabilities with a constant desire to develop its industrial know-how and to own state-of-the-art equipment for a relevant service in the field of pharmaceutical products in compliance with GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices, standards. Our 5 R&D laboratories with more than 45 specialists and our manufacturing equipments allow us to satisfy the requirements of both small and large pharmaceutical companies within a constructive partnership.

Specialized drug delivery systems in exclusivity, AB7 supports its partners in the development of new products and is able to provide full line of products with more traditional galenics.

AB7 Group aims to contribute to today’s animal health and welfare challenges by working with international partners to achieve this mission together, thanks to life-science.

For more information, please contact us.

Support and advice, a center of expertise and excellence for tailor-made solutions

AB7 takes care of all the steps of your project, whether it is for development, manufacturing or distribution. More information about AB7 Group.