Plant-Based Outdoor Training Spray

ALZOO™ outdoor training spray helps correct destructive behavior like marking/chewing on outdoor areas.

  • Plant-based active ingredients
  • Prevent pets from revisiting the same spot or item twice
  • Proven safe and effective when used as directed
  • Stronger outdoor formula
  • Made in the USA
  • Recyclable bottle
  • Cruelty Free

Ingredients: Mustard Extract, Water.

The ALZOO™ Plant-Based Outdoor Training Spray break your dog’s bad habits like urinating and destructive chewing with our powerful blend. The strong Mustard and unpleasant taste work as a plant-based deterrent to help prevent dogs from repeating the bad behavior or going back to the same place twice.

Designed for:

For inside situations, you can combine with ALZOO™ Plant-Based Indoor Training Spray with a less strong indoor formula.

1. Use on clean surface. Spray area lightly and let dry.
For outside use only.
Spray on affected walls, posts, outdoor furniture, outdoor carpets.

Do not spray directly on or near animal.
Before use, apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area to test colorfastness. Allow test area to completely dry and observe for any color change.

1 bottle – 32 Fl oz

How to Recycle:
Bottle is recyclable after removing the label & sprayer
Sprayer and label are not recyclable


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