Mineral-Based Severe Accident Remover

ALZOO™ accident remover fix the mess caused by your pet, absorbing and neutralizing the solid/liquid mess for easy clean up.

  • Mineral-based ingredient
  • Instantly absorbs mess
  • Bad odor suppressor
  • Makes clean up quick and easy
  • Safe to use around pets and people
  • Refreshing Lavender Scent
  • Recyclable bottle & cap
  • Cruelty Free

Sepiolite, Lavender Scent

The ALZOO™ Mineral-Based Severe Accident Remover has double function: Absorbent & Deodorizer; and it is specially formulated to quickly clean up any mess caused by your pet. Thanks to its highly absorbent power, it attracts moisture and dries out the mess while diffusing a pleasant smell that makes clean up much easier and less objectionable.

Designed for:
Highly effective on urine, vomit, feces, and more.

If any stains remain use our ALZOO™ Stain & Odor Remover

1. Sprinkle powder liberally over mess to completely cover
2. Let sit until all liquid is absorbed and mess is contained
3. Use a broom to sweep up mess and dispose
4. Can also be applied on dry mess to make the scooping less unpleasant due to the smell

1 bottle – 1 lb

How to Recycle:
Bottle is recyclable after removing the cap & label
Cap is recyclable after being removed from the bottle


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