Reusable Shampoo Bottle

ALZOO™ Reusable Shampoo Bottle to make 16 Fl oz of Grooming Shampoo for dogs.

  • Sustainable product
  • Buy once, refill for life: Infinite use bottle, use over & over
  • No single-use plastic bottle
  • No shipping water, CO2 emission reduction, shipping cost reduction
  • Lower cost to consumer
  • Recyclable bottle & cap
  • Made in USA

The ALZOO™ Reusable Shampoo Bottle is to be used with the ALZOO™ Concentrated Shampoo Refill Pouch. Just add water to create the most gentle cleansing and deep conditioning for your dog, all while being kind to the planet.

Combine with the ALZOO™ Concentrated Shampoo Refill Pouch – 4 SKUs available: Sensitive Skin, Soothing, Puppy Care, Deep Conditioning.

1. Fill the bottle to halfway mark (8 Fl oz) with lukewarm water.
2. Open pouch and carefully pour contents into bottle avoiding breathing in the powder.
3. Place cap back on bottle and shake well.
4. Add another 8 Fl oz of lukewarm water.
5. Shake well again. Now your shampoo is ready!

Includes 1 refillable 16 oz bottle

How to Recycle:
16 oz bottle is recyclable after removing the label & cap
16 oz bottle cap is recyclable after being removed from bottle


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