Concentrated Shampoo Bundle Box

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To make 16 Oz of Grooming Shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin.

BUY ONCE, REFILL FOR LIFE: This bundle starter kit includes 1 Refillable 16 Oz Bottle & 1 Concentrated Shampoo Powder 40 gr. Just add water to create the most gentle cleansing and deep conditioning for your dog, all while being kind to the planet.

  • No single use plastics
  • No shipping water, reducing carbon footprint
  • Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Dye Free | Soap Free | Phthalate Free
  • No shipping water, reducing carbon footprint
  • Infinite use refillable bottle, use over and over.


  • BUY ONCE, REFILL FOR LIFE:  Just add water to create the most Sustainable Grooming Shampoo for Dogs ever, to give to your Dog a Luxurious Bath, for instantly Clean and Soft Skin and Lasting Nourishment.
  • WHY IS IT SUSTAINABLE: Eliminate Single Use Plastic Bottles, Bottle made by recycled aluminum. Infinite use aluminum bottle, use over & over. No shipping water, reducing Carbon footprint and cost across the Supply Chain. Lower cost to consumer. Sulfate Free, Dye Free, Paraben Free, Soap Free, Cruelty Free. 1 concentrated powder dose makes 16 Fl Oz (474 ml) shampoo. Powder format more sustainable than tabs requiring high power, and more.
  • EFFECTIVE AND SAFE: Great feedback from first consumers. Free of the ingredient in regular shampoos that causes eye irritation. It has a shiny effect and leaves the fur silky due to its conditioning properties.
  • SPECTACULAR SCENT: Vanilla Scent.

1 review for Concentrated Shampoo Bundle Box

  1. Andre

    Great result with a nice shiny and soft touch after drying. Seems to rinse easier saving water. But what I like most is no throwing away plastic bottle; just buy again the refill and mix at home with the provided aluminum bottle. Good for the environment. BTW, I tried on me and works great too!

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