Why use the ALZOO™ Plant-based Calming Collar for cats?

Does your cat suffer from anxiety or exhibit unpleasant behaviors such as scratching, urine marking or excessive meowing? There is no need to worry! There are pet products that can help. Opt for our calming collars for cats. Made of Nepeta Cataria, our collars will calm and reassure your cat anytime, anywhere. Waterproof, our collars last longer and are easy to use. In this article, you will discover why our calming collars are the best for your cat.

ALZOO™ Calming Collar for Cats: Calm your cat with Nepeta Cataria

A calming collar is a device in the form of a regular collar used for anti-stress treatment in cats and dogs. This device reduces unwanted behavior in the animal and reassures it by emitting pheromones designed to calm them down. The pheromone used depends on the calming collar chosen. It is an invisible vapor diffused in the air that mimics the natural pheromones emitted by cats. 

Our calming collar for cats is made from catnip. From its scientific name Nepeta cataria, catnip is an aromatic plant similar to mint. It can be antispasmodic (calms spasms) and antihysterical (against fainting). It has a euphoric and exciting effect on cats, and most felines, and work as a pheromone.  

Nepeta cataria contains an active substance called “nepetalactone“, which is responsible for reducing aggressive behavior in cats. This substance modifies the social behavior of the cat, which is a solitary animal, and allows them to better accept the presence of other subjects. Basically, it makes them “friendly”. Activates excitement and causes cats to feel euphoric or even ecstatic. The molecule of this substance stimulates the feline’s sexual pheromones and causes this state of excitement. Help reduce aggressive behavior, anxiety and stress in cats and safely calms down your cats when used correctly. Catnip can be used as a chewable food. But used as chewable food, catnip is ineffective and does not work as an anxiolytic.

Despite its benefits for the cat’s brain, catnip does not create a dependency in your cat (catnip is not a psychotropic plant and therefore not additive for your cat).

What are the manifestations of Nepeta cataria in cats? 

Once smelled, the cats will have some strange behaviors for about 10 minutes. Some cats may rub their head and body against the ground, jump and roll around. After this initial reaction, the cat enters a state of euphoria that manifests itself as to be playful or sweet and calm. The substance of our calming collar helps to reduce your cat’s anxiety and stress. 

In fact, these behaviors are due to the fact that our calming cat collar diffuses nepetalactone into the air (calming cat collar work as a diffuser). This hormone-like substance is ingested by the cat through the nose. In fact, it is an additional “nose” called “vomeronasal organ” or “Jacobson’s organ” and which is dedicated to pheromones. Olfactory receptors in the cat’s nose pick up the scent of this pheromone and stimulate the sensory neurons, thus reducing your cat’s anxiety or stress. This anxiety or stress could be caused by:

  • Sudden changes in routine or environment (adopting a cat, moving to another place, kitten veterinarian visits, containment). In fact, cats, this territorial animal, have habits: Playing, eating and sleeping should occur at approximately the same time every day;
  • The arrival of a new pet: adopting a dog or a new cat);
  • Owners absent for a longer period of time such as vacations
  • Veterinary care

There are a multitude of factors that can disrupt a cat’s comfort level and cause fear, anxiety, stress or aggression. The consequence is a behavior change:
– diarrhea,
– excessive purring,
– cat scratching the sofa, the wall, your apparel, instead of its cat tree or cat scratcher,
– becoming fiercer,
– often with a “big tails”,
– hiding,
– urine marking,
– kneads with its paws in an excessive way
– non-stop meowing,… 

Our calming collar for cats is the best product to help you take care of your cat thanks to the nepetalactone it contains and which permanently diffuses into your cat’s olfactory channels (calming collar for cats work as diffuser).

Your pet (dog or cat) will feel safe in their skin thanks to the pheromones. Our calming collar for cats helps pets reduce their bad feline behavior and works as a diffuser. Catnip is the best plant-based pheromone to help your cats for the days. Your pet considers an area to be safe when wearing our calming collar.

ALZOO™ Calming Collar for cats: Long lasting

One of the advantages of our calming collars is their long-lasting effectiveness. Our calming collars usually last 4 weeks in a range of 30 to 37 days. In special cases, they can last longer. 

Our brand’s calming collars are equipped with a progressive pheromone diffusion. The pheromone is slowly released to create a continuous state of calm in the animal for more than 4 weeks. Our cat calming collars release pheromones 24 hours a day and continuously for 4 weeks.

These calming collars are suitable for cats and kittens by providing a comforting effect through pheromones. They harmonize relationships between cats in the household for those who have more than one cat at home.

Adopt our calming collar to help your cats reduce their unpleasant. Our calming collar is a device that releases a natural pheromone that can work on both your dog and cat, keeping your pets safe and comfortable. Every day, the collar helps reduce aggressive behavior in your pet.

Discover ALZOO calming collar for cats

ALZOO™ Cat Calming Collar is easy to use

In addition to being effective and long-lasting, our calming collars for cats are easy to use. They are shaped like a circle that goes around the pet’s neck. It is adjustable in the neck area of your pet, kitties as adult cat. To use it properly, follow these instructions:

  • Place the calming collar loosely around the neck and observe your cat’s behavior
  • Tighten the collar thanks to the buckle, so that there is a quarter of a space between the webbing and the neck. You must be able to pass 2 fingers between the collar and the neck. This allows your cat to be more comfortable. 
  • Also, be sure to remove some of the excess left on the collar. Not all of it, because as your cat grows you may need to adjust the soothing collar around their neck.

With these instructions, it is easy to use the cat calming collar. 

Our calming collar releases natural pheromones and work to make your pets (dog or cats) feeling safe for days on end.  It is possible to make a food with Nepeta cataria for kittens or cats and dogs. It helps these pets sleep well. The collar must be placed during the days to keep the cats safe. If the collar is too tight on the skin of your pet’s (cat or dog) neck, it is not good for their comfort.

ALZOO™ Calming Collar for Cats is waterproof and effective

Our calming collars for cats are waterproof. In case of contact with water, simply dry the collar and it will recover all its effectiveness, once dry. It is possible to wash your cat even with our calming collar, but it is not highly recommended for a better effectiveness of the product. 

On the other hand, it is advisable to remove the collar and to put it back on when the animal is dry. This way, your cat’s collar will be more effective during the 4 weeks of operation. This waterproof feature of our calming collar is ideal for maintaining its effectiveness. 

Our calming collar is also the best in terms of price. When the effect of the collar is over, you can buy another one for the other months.

ALZOO™ Calming Collar for Cats: Safety break away system

Our cat calming collar is equipped with the best safety break away system to prevent your cat from being choked by the collar. If your cat gets caught in the collar, it will break away from the collar so that your cat can stick his head out. This safety system is an excellent way to ensure your cat’s comfort.

Our product is the best to help your pet (dog or cat) reduce unpleasant behaviors and provide them the necessary comfort in any area. Change the collar every month for your pet for better efficiency.

In addition, ALZOO™ Calming Collar is waterproof, pet safe when used as directed, cruelty free, and is perfect for all cats (kitties, adult cats and senior cats). Your furry friend will say “I meow you”! The calming collar also exists for dogs.

You can find our collar at a best price on Amazon or at the nearest pet store. 

Your pet mate can’t stand the collar? ALZOO offers other calming products for pets: diffuser and sprays. 

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