Sustainable Products For Healthy Pets:  Alzoo Launches New Products At Superzoo 2022

One of the leading brands selected by veterinarians for its hypoallergenic, natural pet care will debut new products at SuperZoo

For sustainably minded pet parents seeking truly reliable solutions to everyday pet-related nuisances, Alzoo acts as a force for good in the world. The company combines its innovative spirit, technology expertise and global perspective to create the most sustainable, efficacious, high quality wellness products that let owners and their pets do more of what matters most in their life.

To debut its newest line of products designed with a focus on sustainability and innovation, the Alzoo team is excited to set up shop at SuperZoo. At the expo August 23 – 25 in Las Vegas, Nevada, be sure to visit booth #2146 to learn more about what Alzoo can do for you and your most important companion. 

Sustainable, new products from Alzoo:

Conditioning Shampoo

Being at the forefront of sustainability means staying on the cutting edge. Alzoo’s revolutionary concentrated conditioning shampoo reflects the company’s continual focus on doing better for the environment while creating an extraordinary delivery system yet to be seen in the pet industry. This conditioning shampoo will change how pet parents approach bath time, and leaving each pet with an incredibly shiny, silky coat that hydrates the skin.  

Formulated with environment-friendly, safe ingredients, botanical cleansers and essential oils, the new conditioning shampoo is Paraben-free, dye-free, sulfate-free and pH Balanced for dogs. The package design eliminates the use of plastics, lessens water used in transport and further reduces carbon footprint while also lowering costs for pet parents. 

Line of four plant-based shampoos

Constructed in unique, easy-to-squeeze tubes derived from sugar cane, Alzoo’s innovative shampoo line makes bath time more efficient, fun and sustainable. Four new grooming shampoos include: Hypoallergenic, 2-in-1, Anti-Itch, Puppy, all of which use plant-based cleansers and essential oils and are Paraben-free, dye-free, sulfate-free and pH Balanced for dogs. Each product is packaged in an innovative recyclable tube. 

Hemp extract-based collar for dogs

Created to improve our pet’s well-being and mobility, these state-of-the-art dog collars are made from natural hemp extract and natural essential oils to be gentle and versatile for your pup and its needs.

More about Alzoo:

We use science, ingenuity, safe ingredients and sustainable practices to empower you, your pet and your family allowing you to engage in what matters most (without troublesome distractions like fleas, ticks, dirt, stains and stress). Alzoo has complete lines of natural flea and tick solutions, a range of effective calming solutions, grooming products and more. Our determination to create better quality products means you can do more adventuring, more cuddling, more exploring, more relaxing… more living. We help your pet do more too, by staying protected and healthy. With our effective, eco-friendly formulations, we make it easy to be both a good pet parent and a good citizen of the Earth. Currently pursuing its B Corp certification, Alzoo also produces most of its products in the U.S.

To learn more about Alzoo, visit them on Instagram @alzoo_vet and their website